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About Us

Richard Rees – Co-owner of Wild Spirit AB

Richard is the co-owner of Wild Spirt AB, alongside his wife Claire Rees.  Together they have emigrated to Sweden and set up their dog sledding business, which has been running since 2011.  Richard has had a love for working dogs all of his life, and his passion came for huskies when he bought 2 huskies as a starting point when he was running his bushcraft school in Wales,  well any husky owner will tell you, that 2 huskies are never enough and 2 quickly became 4, which became 8 and the rest is history, now they own around 80 huskies in Sweden delivery dog sledding activitiies for groups, families, cooporates and charities. 

Alongside being a dog sledding musher, Richard has also a great love for the outdoors, and during his life in Wales he set up a successful bushcraft school, delivering courses to groups, families, schools and the local council, which were all very successful resulted in Wild Spirit UK making a very good name for itself and it is still running to this day.    Richards knowledge on arctic survival, hunting, trapping, wild food foraging and making reindeer skin clothing is quite extensive, and mostly because of his passion he self taught or he has researched from the natives themselves.  His interest in working with the nature started when he was quite young, nothing was stopping him then, and nothing is stopping him now!

Working with the reindeer skins clothing has become a great passion of his over many years, he sources high quality skins from the Sami Reindeers Herders from Northern Jämtland.  Working with reinceer skins and creating parkas began as a personal hobby and he is self taught, the parkas are customed made to people’s personal specifications and preferences.  Richard personally wears his reindeer skin parka when his out with his sled team during tourist season. 

Richard was inspired from an early age on the mountain men of Alaska & Canada. Richard strarted the Bushcraft School together with Claire many years ago in wales, before they moved to Sweden, which is completly different from Wales.

About Us Dog Sledding Sweden

Claire Rees – Co-owner of Wild Spirit AB

Claire’s backround is in Health, fitness and project management.  She has developement many successful projects in Wales for the public sector.  When she and Richard moved to Sweden her role was focusing on the project management side of the business.  Claire also loves the great outdoors, and during her life in Wales she became a mountain leader, and run trips to the Welsh mountains, alongside doing many crazy activies such as walking the 6 peaks moutains, whilst carrying a rowing machine, and then walking from The Middle of Wales to South Wales, all in the name of charity.  

Claire has developed her love for huskies whilst she and Richard has been working with them, and to start off when the business was in its infancy she loved working in all of the aspects of the business including training the puppies which was her favourite role.  As the business has grown then Claire has mostly gained the strategic role in the business, and as her and Richard invested into another business called Introbiz Sweden she spends more time on the business rather than in the business.  Although she misses working with the dogs, her goal one day will be to to spend more time with her dogs, once both businesses are established. 

Claire loves meeting people and working to meet their needs, she believes that when people book a trip of a lifetime with Wild Spirit then that is what they deserve to get.  She spends alot of tme and effort making sure that everybody is happy: husband, staff, volunteers, guests and most importantly the dogs. 



Dog Sledding Sweden


Joe Rees – Handler


Furthermore Joe decided to move from wales, for the wild’s of Northern Scandinavia, to work with a Dog sledding company. He has proved himself as a reliable young man. He is also a confident dog handler. Joe acts as our snow machine back up when the weather is bad.

About Us

Ellie Nuttall – Guide

Ellie is in inspiration, one of the toughest women we have had working for us. She has had a season in the wild Yukon under her belt, working with sleddogs in – 30 on a daily basis, giving her the edge working here in Jämtland. Anyone working with her will know immediately that she has extensive knowledge on the dogs at Wild Spirit. At the present time she is planning on staying here in Sweden as an asset to us.


Dog Sledding Sweden



Eric Todd – Handler

Eric is happy-go-lucky dog handler who always has a smile on his face. He has a great connection with the dogs and loves interacting with them. Eric keeps the wheel turning behind the scenes, fixing equipment and harnesses and preparing the dogs for take off each day. 


Adrian Hill – Handler

Adrian from Australia, applied through Workaway similarly he took this nomadic lifestyle & decided to work with us, after his 3 year epic adventure travelling through Europe. He has proved himself as a confident dog handler. Eventually he returned to Australia, in the hope that he will be back someday.


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About Us


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Anders Westin
Anders Westin

Please send me a booking form as I couldn’t download it from your website.


A booking form is on its way to you! Sorry we are currently updating our webpage! //Claire


Make a more new posts please 🙂

Emily Rose

Aww I love this place so much!! What an awesome dynamic of people and dogs 🙂 thank you for such a great adventure!!


Thank you so much, it was such a pleasure in meeting you

Many Thanks
Claire Rees

Lori McAlexander
Lori McAlexander

Do u teach a course on how to make parkas? I live in SW Montana and hunt elk and deer each year.


We are currently filming a masterclass on making a Parka from scratch, if you send your email address to info.wildspirit@gmail.com we can send you more details when the course is released. Thanks!