For those of you who are less active



Why not hire us to show you around!

Tour includes:
Tannforsen waterfall – Swedens largest waterfall
Trip around Kallsjo – Swedens 8th largest lake, stopping off along the way for walks, coffee and interesting information about the wild life
Why not Kiss a Moose – If you have never been up close and personal with these beautiful animals, why not visit Sylive and her very tame moose !
Walk Areskutan 1400m

Other points of interest:

  • Shopping trip
  • Museum trip
  • Copper mine

Cost starts at:
For one week, with your local personal guide, 4 activities and accommodation: 10 500kr

Or give us a price and we will endeavour to hit your budget..

Accommodation: Self catering cabin, with all modern facilities including the use of our private sauna.
Or a small quaint mountain cabin, living with the peace and tranquillity around you, getting away from the “rat race”
And will full use of the mountain sauna….