Wild Spirit Bushcraft

Kit List

• Rucksack + Water Proof Cover
• Head torch + Batteries
• Knife + Cover
• Axe + Cover
• Strike Light
• Knife, fork, spoon, dish and cup
• Warm Clothes, (may not need all the clothing kit during summer courses, please use your own discretion)
• Thermal base layer, mid layer and good quality outer layer…(The summertime can get chilling in the evenings, up to 30 degrees in the daytime, or you may experience rain)
• Wets outer clothing
• Socks, hat, neck warmer, and gloves
• Good quality boots


Please note cotton clothing and jeans can be a dangerous material to wear, we ask you not to bring these items of clothing with you whilst you are on our courses….

  • Good Quality Sleeping Bag and Roll mat (or reindeer skin)
    • Hammock
    • First Aid Kit including head ache tablets or any medication that you are on..(please inform us upon booking if you have any health issues)
    • For summertime, you will need mosquito repellent, and mosquito net (jacket or sleeping net) & suntan cream