Bushcraft Sweden? Why take a course here?



Sweden’s northern regions are on the same latitudes as Alaska. With a similar climate, and wild animals. Its vast wildernesses cover 78% the country. And with the country’s right to rome policy, it truly is a magical place to immerse yourself into the world of bushcraft.

Today people here still use bushcraft skills in every day life, which have been perfected over years of use. Furthermore extending their knowledge into Log Cabin Construction to making Reindeer Fur Clothing etc. Valuable Skills which are still used in northern rural communities, where winters can temperatures can drop as low as -50

Additionally Wild Spirit Bushcraft have 20 years experience into British and Swedish nature. Wild Spirit Bushcraft are based in the UK and here in the north of Sweden. Our Instructors have extensive Bushcraft knowledge. For example we are one of the only bushcraft schools in the world that teach how to make reindeer fur Clothing. Wild Spirit Bushcraft offer some of the the best Bushcraft courses in Sweden.

Our Bushcraft Location

Wild Spirit Bushcraft is located in North of Jämtland. Jämtland covers an area of 34,009 square kilometres of Wild Wilderness. Also Jämtland has 8.3% of Sweden’s total area and is the second largest province in Sweden. It has a population of 115,331. Its sparsely populated, and is also home the Bear, Wolf, Linx, Moose, & Wolverine.

We are Based in the little the village of Ottsjö. A very small wilderness village, away from the vibrant ski town of Åre.
Here Is where the real wilderness begins. Ottsjö is famous in the area for its 360° views and easy access to the large mountain ranges of Storulvån and Selina. Offering you the most breathtaking views that you could ever wish to be for your Bushcraft experience.


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