Hobbit Hut, Forest Mountain Cabin / Round House



Hobbit Hut can be a romantic getaway or fun for all the family, an unforgettable experience is to be found right here near ÅRE

This is where your children’s imagination can run wild, with the hobbits who live in our forest, they have many little houses in the trees!

The hobbits can be scared off very easily, so the children must creep up to the their village if they want to catch a glimpse of them playing, some of them who live in our forest are quite naughty, they like to throw berries, and play tricks so watch out…..! Inside the hut you will find a wood stove, and comfortable seating area, which can also be used for a sleeping area.


The hut will sleep two adults and children comfortably…   And during the summer or wintertime, you can sit out on the decking taking in the spectacular views of the forest and mountains… a priceless place to spend quality.


The Forest Mountain Cabin



This beautiful old cabin is located in a prime location, with breathtaking views of Åreskutan Mountain, it dates back to 1821 and has a real Scandinavian feel

Its situated in the middle of the forest garden,  a minute walk from the mountain track, which will take you to the top of the mountain,  you will also find a river with white rocks, here the water flows from the top of the mountain, you  can drink and bath during the summer months!

Can also sleep two adults and children comfortable, it has an upstairs and downstairs…..

Water sourced from the river, candles for light, and a log burner for heat.

Travelling to this secluded forest cabin can only be done by foot, quad (summertime) snowscooter (wintertime), sometimes we are able to get there with our truck, but we prefer not to as it can damage the ground, and we would like to keep it as natural as possible!

Bed & Breakfast with transport to The Hobbit Hut or Cabin

From 750kr per night

Round House



The round house is our communal are where you can grill food and relax over a large fire, it is also the area in which the forest education course take place.

From 50 sek per person  to grill

Please contact us for more details.

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