There are many accommodations that you can hire here in Ottsjö, they range from a basic youth hostel to an exclusive cabin. 

Ranges and Prices are:

Basic Youth Hostel room – from 350 kr per person per night

Basic Cabin – from 1000 kr per night (based on 4 people)

Exclusive Cabin – from 1300 kr per night (based on 6 people)

The Bear Lodge – from 5000kr per night (based on 12 people)

Mountain cabin – from 500 kr per night (based on 4 people)

Mountain Hostel room – from 500 kr per night (based on 2 or 4 people)


Ottsjö Fjalhotell:
Igloo Äre:


Traditionally in Sweden you bring your own linen, towels etc , and clean your accommodation afterwards.  If you are unable to do this, then please ask about hiring linen, towels and a afterstay clean of your accommodation.


Extra linen range from 120 kr per person without towels.
Extra linen range from 200 kr per person with towels.
An afterstay clean will range from 500kr.


Sweden is an outdoors activity culture, we ask you too keep the accommodation clean and respectable, please take off your outdoor clothes and footwear at the front doors, especially during the winter time nobody likes wet socks.



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