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Why and when should you contact us?

When guests contact us you will receive a warm welcome. Our Village rely’s on tourism year round. Therefore we have realised that an over above attitude goes much further. Furthermore we do our utmost to contact our customers back as soon as we can. For this reason we have many returning guests returning year after year. The most compelling evidence of this is when returning guests book a week worth of Sleddog tours every other year. In the event that we take longer than expected to answer, due to the winter season being so busy, then by all means send us an email.

Secondly the best time to contact us is early morning or evening. However we usually have someone in the office throughout the day. Therefore there should not be an issue when contacting us.

Social accounts

Wild Spirit Sleddogs & Bushcraft Survival can be found on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. We keep update with our social media accounts, keeping customers and guests informed on whats occurring. Therefore it is possible to contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Our staff & business

Our staff are very helpful and polite, please to not hesitate in asking them any questions. They will do their best in fixing or finding out any information you need to know. Most of the staff work at the Sleddog kennel or can be located at Ottsjö Fjäll Hotel.

Secondly our business is very well known throughout Sweden and Uk, in the light of the T.V documentary ¨ Escape To The Wild¨ with Kevin McCloud. We have also done many commercials over the years, more recently the advert for  Airbnb Visit Sweden.         

Contact Us


Wild Spirit Dog Sledding Tours & Bushcraft courses


Contact Us: Sweden Tel: 0046 (0)72164 8039
UK tel: Tel: 0044 (0)7905 466884
Email us:  
Head office Address:
Ottarvägen 13B, Ottsjö, Undersåker 83010


(Please winter time is an extremely busy time for us, please re-email us if you do not receive and answer within 24 hours)

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Pernilla Glaser
Pernilla Glaser

My email is
I am spending a couple of days in Ottsjö with my five sons starting 3th of January. One of my oldest sons, he is 18, has been very sick and can´t ski and I want to give him something to experience the beautiful landscape with that doesn’t require the same effort. Is something available between the 3th and the 6th? What would be the best and most price-friendly option for me (single-mum budget)? Thank you so much in advance


Sorry pernilla, we do not normally get requests through our website this way, we normally receive emails etc….therefore I have only now seen this message, apologies for missing your request //Claire

Jeff Hendrex
Jeff Hendrex

I’m interested in your rain deer clothes/coats. Do u make these for sale, if so I might be interested ?


Hi Jeff

Yes We do make this for sale. Can you send this request to our email address:

Many Thanks
Claire Rees