The Birch is one of the most versatile trees in the world, for centuries man has harvested it, made fire, medicine, shelters, canoes, baskets, tools, even the fungi that grows on and under can be used again for medicines, fire, food and even clothing.










This course will teach you how use this versatile tree to the full, we will show the secrets on which trees work the best by looking for small details in the bark, before you even start to harvest it, you will be shown how to extract the bark from the tree, and how to process it, enabling you to start making your chosen project.


The birch bark that grows here in this part of Sweden is 2.5 to 3 mm thick ideal for so many things from it. We will also show you how to make glue to repair, stick or waterproof.













The Course is only available from the middle of May to beginning of August, depending on the weather.

Course starts 10 am to 4 pm

Price per person:  1500sek