Explore Ottsjö´s wilderness with Sled Dogs



We spend days in the fairytale forests learning the ways of the Musher. A unique opportunity to experience the true Arctic way of life, taking in the warmth from the glowing fire, breathing in the natures air, listening to the wolf like howl of our husky sled dogs and enjoying close contact with them.

We will meet you at Ottsjö which is located just outside Åre.
We will start off with a health and safety briefing which will include a kit check, health check, and a discussion will take place on environment safety, you will also be taught how to handle your own dogs and sled, and how to communicate with the huskies.

We pack the sleds and then harness the sled dogs ready for the start. We will use everyday to our full advantage exploring the vast wilderness and mountains of Ottsjö, stopping briefly at intervals allowing the dogs to rest whilst we prepare and eat lunch sometimes over an open fire out in the nature.

During the evenings we will stop to make camp, which will include fetching wood from the forest and water from the lake/river. You will feed and water your dogs before cooking food and relaxing for the night under the stars, it’s not guaranteed, however you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern lights!

On last day we head back to Ottsjö, where we will arrive at the kennel that afternoon, after unharnessing feeding and watering your dogs you will say your final farewell to us, taking away with you a memory that will last a life time.

Group size: Minimum 4 persons Maximum 6 persons.
Not included in the price: Travel & personal insurance, alcoholic beverages, Travel to Ottsjö.

Tour conditions: All activities demand a good level of fitness. In wilderness we sleep in  cabins, cabins can be bunk beds in mixed rooms. The wilderness cabins are heated with wood and have no electricity or running water.

No former dog sled experience is required, however a good level of fitness is needed

3 days of dog sledding and two nights in the wild

Price: from 4900 kr per person

4 days of dog sledding and three nights in the wild

Price:  from 5700 kr per person

5 days of dog sledding and four nights in the wild

Price:  from 7600 kr per person