Learn how to Drive Your Own Sled Dog Team



This simple short course will allow you to drive our own team and go out with the Sled Dogs, mushing through forests, mountains and over frozen lakes and rivers. You will start off with meeting your instructor, who will give you a run down on the dogs, the sled, equipment, and safety. After this you will be taken to meet the dogs, where you will help to harness and put the dogs in their rightful positions. Once all the dogs are harnessed we will be ready to go and here you will set off experiencing the best dog sledding adventures in Ottsjö.   There is nothing quite like the silence of the dog sledding team working whilst driving you through the frozen winter landscape, a place only accessible with the aid of this age old arctic transportation.


You will be provided with a kit list when you register your booking….but suitable cold weather clothing is necessary (if you need to hire any kit, please speak to us prior).

Food and Water

Although we will provide you with food, if you have any specific nutritional needs, we advise you to bring along your own food.


You are advise to take out your own personal insurance

Fitness Levels

You must be of a good fitness level as helping the dogs up the hills will be necessary.

Tours and Prices:


Coffee Tour

Price: 950 Sek
Minimum: 4 person

Lunch Tours

Price: 1200 Sek
2 person

Day with lunch and coffee

Price: 1800 Sek
2 person

Children 5 & under: 400kr
Children 5-12 years: 650 kr

Alla kurser är inklusive försäkring. Rabatt är möjlig vid grupp- eller familjebokningar. Vi kan specialanpassa en stor variation av kurser för att tillmötesgå era speciella önskemål. Skräddarsydda kurser kan organiseras vid förfrågan.

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