Humans have been using animal skin in arctic regions for hundreds of years. Due to the fact it’s the only thing that withstand the extreme winter temperatures.

Making a Reindeer Skin Parka is a dying art. Wild Spirit Bushcraft is one of only a hand full of individuals worldwide that hand make and sell them to the public.

The Reindeer Skin Parka is a unique item of clothing, very few people worldwide own one. The coat is made from reindeer calf skins, which is another reason why they are extremely soft, perfect for making clothes. We buy the skins off the Sami Reindeer herders, here in Jämtland Sweden, which supports them indirectly. The Arctic Parka can withstand temperatures as low as minus -60 degrees. Making the Parka perfect for Arctic Expeditions, Iditarod, Polar research etc. Besides the coat being warm, it is also surprisingly light, around 1.5 -2 kg. 

Extra Information  

As an example, northern peoples have depended on Reindeer/caribou for food, clothing, and shelter. Subsequently hunting wild reindeer and herding of semi-domesticated reindeer are important to arctic peoples Such as the Sami.  Laplanders have also depended on reindeer herding and fishing for centuries. Our village of Ottsjö regularly have herds of reindeer roaming through at certain months of the year, they are quite a laid back animal.That just graze quietly. Enabling you sometimes to get quite close to them.


Places : 10
Course includes:
Introduction into the skills
Traditional methods of making inuit clothing.
Learning about reindeer skins,
Equipment and Materials including reindeer skins
Methods and techniques.

Wild Spirit Bushcraft offer applicants a unique course opportunity to hand make their own Parka. Additionally time will be spent discussing all the techniques involved when making this beautiful garment. For those with no previous sewing knowledge, help will be given, along with all equipment needed to complete one. 


The 5 day course will be held in Jämtland Sweden, at Ottsjö Fjäll Hotell which is situated in the Beautiful wilderness village of Ottsjö. Options include, full board or self catering.

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Course times: 10:00am – 5pm daily
Price : 5 day Full board
19500 sek
5 day self catering
17500 sek

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