Sled Dog Training




Wild Spirit Offer a range of courses for Sled Dog enthusiasts , from beginners who are interested in the sport as well as experienced persons interested in furthering their knowledge!

All Sled Dog persons or Sled Dog company´s  all had to learn the hard way in some way, we know for sure that at some point you will come up against these challenges also. Our courses are frank and to the point, you will certainly learn the do´s and don’t´s on training days.








We know the Alaskan Husky and the Siberian are a tough breed of dog to deal with on times, they need firm and loving handling, which is not easy when they decide to do the opposite to what you want.

  There is very little information given concerning the errors that mushers and sled dog owners make, which makes it difficult to learn from other peoples mistakes!









However help is available!  We offer invaluable information on a range of subjects, helping you overcome your difficulties that you will definitely encounter.


  • Lead dog training
  • Wheel dog, middle team and swing positioning  training.
  • Sled & Equipment information
  • Puppy training from 2 to 8 months,  line training and obedience training?
  • Setting your sled dogs up for Tourist driving.
  • Fitness and strength sled dog training course.
  • Food, diet and feeding
  • All courses above are day courses, however the course can run for 6 days, with overnight accommodation available.

1400 kr per course per person per day

We also offer Optional:


From 100 kr Per person per day

Accommodation per night

300 kr Stuga
500 kr Hobbit Hut