The Survival Bushcraft course


This advanced Bushcraft course suits those who want to learn how to live off the land


  • Tool Usage and Safety
  • Manufacture of snowshoes
  • Make a fire with hand drill, including preparation
  • Fire from a bow drill,
  • Fire from flint and steel
  • Fire from tree resin and fire steel
  • Make a fire with the help of fungi
  • Season shelter
  • Water Collecting Techniques
  • Bread Baking
  • Traps Techniques
  • Trees identification advanced
  • Plant recognition, advanced
  • Cordage
  • Navigating with the stars
  • Food & Wilderness Medicne Advanced
  • Resin extraction of glue and tar

Duration: 4 days or 6 days

Location: Huså Åre

Price 4 day: 6000 Sek/£600 per person.

Price 6 day: 8000 Sek/£800 per person
Minimum: 1 person
Maximum: 20 people

Min age: 18 years

Date: 08/08-2016




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