Drive Solo


With A Team Of Sled Dogs – Or A Private Guide-Driven Sleds


Drive Solo & Learn How To Mush With Your Own Team Of Sled Dogs 

This fantastic experience will give you the opportunity to drive solo with your own team of sled dogs. There is nothing quite like the noise & the heart pumping excitement of the sled dogs. Driving you through the the land of ice & snow to places only accessible with dogs.

Firstly, before we set off your Guide will provide you with a course on how to drive the sled.

Secondly a health and safety talk will follow. Afterward you will meet the dogs, help harness, and put the dogs in their rightful positions.

We will then set off on our adventure, which is an approximately 12 – 20 km depending on which tour you decide on.

Drive Solo Extra Information

Furthermore no prior experience is needed to drive the sleds. Subsequently all drivers and passengers will receive the correct amount of dogs for their weights, driving a single sled is not as easy as one would expect, for this reason we do not overload our sleds.

In short we are very particular with health & safety. As a final point we will insure you receive a high quality tour making sure your experience is a positive one. 

Drive Solo Clothing Information

Good clothing is essential, please click Here for all the information needed. The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential you have the correct clothing, with this in mind clothing can be hired from us. 

Drive Solo Fitness Level

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport. You must have a good fitness level. Helping our dogs will be sometimes be necessary.


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Additionally you are advise to take out your own personal insurance. Which includes the cancellation of a tour. In the event of bad weather. Above all it is our aim to insure guests with a positive experience


Price: 1500 kr per person

Drive Solo