What happens when you take away TV and computers from children?



Are you and your family stuck in the technology world?

Living in the forest is no easy task, but it certainly gives you back what a hectic stressful life has robbed from you!

Too many of us rely on TV and computer games to entertain our children, but what happens when these “vital” things are taken away?

At first we are lost, completely lost with what to do, at the beginning we can be bored, in a world where we can’t just pop out to the shops, or to the local shopping centre.

But surely and slowly our imagination starts to worm its way back to the front of our brains!

All of a sudden we have to think about tomorrow  for the simple everyday things like, heat, food and water.

Preparation, organisation and teamwork are an important concept, and we soon learn as a family to communicate, respect and work together, and we also learn how much fun this can be!


Our family bushcraft courses are designed just for you as a family, mother and daughter, father and son, mother and son, father and daughter…or whatever your modern family entails!

The courses start from a 1 day to however long you want to stay with us.  Just email us for a non obligation quote.

Here are some examples of prices:

1 day family bushcraft (2 adults 2 children) – 2000kr

2 day family bushcraft (1 adult and 1 child) – 7500kr


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Course dates:

One day family bushcraft:




Everyday from 11/08-2016 until 14/08-2016

Everyday from 18/08 2016 until 21/08-2016

Two days family bushcraft

18 & 19/06-2016

25 & 26/06-2016

27 & 28/06-2016

4 & 5/07-2016

6 & 7/07-2016

Some quotes from families:

Thank you for an unforgettable trip despite the weather.  We are looking back with alot of pleasure.  It felt strange to be in a bed last night and Bram misses you both and the dogs! He is happy for Rich that the sun is shinning:  You can take the man and boy out of the forest, but not take the forest from us ever again!  (Sander and Bram from The Netherlands)