Forest and Lake Tour

Our exiting Forest and Lake tour is a shorter tour, which takes us down from the Kennel through a snowy labyrinth of trails, finally exiting, onto a beautiful and interesting area on Ottsjö Sjön (Ottsjö Lake). On this adventure tour, we will stop to take some fantastic landscape photos with the dogs. Finally then making it back to the Kennel.

However, before we begin, you will have a chance to greet our friendly huskies, thereafter a short course and a health and safety briefing will take place before leaving the kennel. Additionally, we will stop during the tour, for you to take photos. By all means, we will help you with this if you wish.

Exclusive Tour Extra Information 

In general, no prior experience is needed to drive the sleds. Subsequently, all drivers and passengers will receive the correct amount of dogs for their weights. Furthermore, we do not overload our sleds. A balanced ratio will be applied. 

In short, we are very particular with health & safety so long as the information adheres too. As a final point, we will ensure you receive a high-quality tour. 

Tour Location

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Adventure Tour Clothing Information 

Likewise, good clothing and equally important warm footwear are essential. In other words, dress for the worst.  For example, please click here for all the information needed.

Fitness Level 

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport. For this reason, is an advantage if you have a good fitness level. Particularly if there are hills. Helping our dogs will sometimes be necessary. On a positive note, 90% of this tour is flat.


Furthermore, you are advised to take out your own personal insurance – includeding a cancellation policy – in case of the weather causes problems. Moreover, our aim is that you experience a safe and enjoyable tour, so you leave with a positive adventurous experience. In conclusion, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime, which is above all, our priority.


Forest & Lake Tour Prices: 

Minimum 4 persons:

Distance: 16km                                                     

Approximate time: 2hr                                    

Price per adult: 850kr

Children 5 – 12 years: 600kr

Children 5 and under: 200kr


Minimum: 4 persons

Distance: 16 km

Approximate time: 2 hr

Price per adult: 950 Sek

Children 5-12 years: 650 Sek

Children 5 & under: 400 Sek


Minimum: 4 person

Distance: 16 km 

Approximate time: 2 hr

Price per adult: 1200 Sek

Children 5-12 years: 850 Sek

Children 5 & under: 600 Sek


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