Full  Day  Experience 






Immerse  Yourself  Into The Life Of A Musher


This Full Day Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity, which will give you an introduction into what’s involved. If you ever wanted to take up the sport of Dog Sledding yourself.

Before you even start your full day experience, you will have the opportunity meet and greet all of our dogs. Its begins with a brief introduction on dog sledding. Followed by a health and safety talk. We will start off from our dog kennel, or a nearby location which ever the case may be.

There you will learn how to prepare the dogs for your tour. Afterwards you will select your team and set them up under the watchful eye of your guide.

The adventure will then begin, with the heart pumping excitement coming from your team, before it breaks into silence, as we mush our way through a frozen wilderness of ice and snow.

After your journey is complete you will then take the dogs back to their homes and help to settle them down for the night.


Full Day Experience Fitness Level

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport. You must have a good fitness level. Helping our dogs will be sometimes be necessary.

Full Day Experience Clothing

Good clothing is essential, please click Here for all the information needed. 

Add ons

Additionally you are now able to request a breakfast before your tour, or an evening meal after your tour.


Furthermore You are advise to take out your own personal insurance, which should include a cancellation policy, if the weather causes a problem.

Above all our aim is to insure a quality tour, thus leaving you with a positive experience.


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This Tour Includes Coffee breaks/Lunch

Start time: 10:00         Finish time: Aprox 16.00

Minimum of 2 :  

Price: 3500

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Full Day Experience