During January especially we run some exceptionally good tours.  Lots of guests from all over the world, and guests returning from previous years.

Not without our problems though, but what is the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”.  During February we had 20 days without snow, we had to reduce the numbers of guests on our tours as the terrain became difficult for tourists to drive themselves.  Our guides were driving the sleds and the tourists were sitting on the sleds, this reduced the element of risk.

But eventually the snow came on the 2oth of February, and even though we needed more it was enough to enjoy our dog sledding tours once again.  Its interesting that since we have lived in Sweden and we have been running dogs, the importance of watching the weather, it becomes an everyday ritual, but as I say to our guests “we live in the mountains, and the weather can change dramatically!”  We have to make last minute decisions and make sure the tours are safe to take place, for us all!

The tours since February have been great and exciting, we are now training our staff so that they can take tours on their own, so we have two groups going out at the same time.

Right now we have 78 dogs, older dogs and younger dogs and middle aged dogs.  The older ones during the summer time will be training the younger dogs, and hopefully we will find some good homes for the older tired dogs to go to.  During our kennel visits this year we will set up an adopt an older dog scheme.

The younger dogs have been out running with the teams, but its a little difficult as they want to run up and great everybody who is out skiing, so the pups are only allowed to run on quieter days.  Soon when the husky play park net is up, then the pups will have lots of space to run free with the older dogs.

Its quite interesting for me to see how different people approach our dogs, and all the questions they have, we love to answer the questions, its so encouraging when people are interested in these hard working dogs, who love to pull you for kms after kms.

Well we are now hoping that the snow stays so that March and April will be just as successful for us as it is for you.

Come along on our tours, and enjoy helping to feed, harness and set up our dogs before you go out.

We all look forward in meeting you!

Richard, Claire

Joe, Renald and Annie!

Oh and not forgetting our dawgs  🙂