Wild Spirit Sled dog Team 

Meet our Dogs





Our Kennel 

At our kennel we have many dogs with different personalities, some being extrovert and some introvert, different colours and sizes. We are the only kennel in Åre with mostly Siberian Huskies as well as Alaskan Huskies. Most of them have the famous the blue eyes, and some with one of each.

All the dogs have names, a question many ask is ¨how do we remember them all¨. Well that’s the easy bit. Working with them every day in extreme cold can be more challenging. Our kennel  here In Ottsjö near Åre, is of a high standard, due to the fact all the dogs have a roof, which very few kennels have.

Extra Sled dog Information

Our dogs live outdoor all year round. So a roof provides them with as much protection as possible. All the boxes are insulated, keeping them warm and dry, as well as cool in the summer. At Wild Spirit Sled Dog Adventures all the dogs are encouraged from birth to interact with people.

Here 99% of them love to be stoked or cuddled by children. One of the more challenging things for us, is to keep 80 athletes in good shape. So only top quality food and meat is used. Training starts the end of August, until the snow comes in October. The dogs run on tour until April, so they have plenty of exercise. 

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