Overnight Tour

Overnight Tour Adventures

Overnight Tour Adventures

What The Overnight Tour Entails 

The Overnight tour is a fantastic way to really feel what it’s like to spend a night in the Swedish Wilderness of ice and snow. Here on your overnight tour adventure you will experience the heart pumping excitement, from our eagerly awaiting dogs. Before they break into a running silence. The feeling of traveling with a team of siberian huskies is wonderful. Afterward we will stop in a good location, giving you the opportunity to take photos of your Overnight tour adventure experience.

lunch which will either be made over a fire, or prepared by a chef depending on what you have decided upon Before. Thereafter we will make our way to your exciting accommodation. However, before we head off on your overnight tour we will need to give you some additional Health and safety information.

Firstly, you will be able to get close and personal with your sled dogs. Which we feel is an important part of our tours.

Secondly, a short briefing on health and safety will follow. Thus giving you all the information needed. Furthermore a course will be given by your guide before we head off on our Overnight tour.

Overnight Tour Extra Information

The tour itself is approximately 20-30 km in total. Depending on which tour you chose, lunch will be made over a fire.In addition to this, a sauna and ice fishing can be arranged as an optional extra.  Please contact us for more details.

Overnight Tour Clothing Information

Good clothing is essential, please click Here for all the information needed. Alternatively clothing can be hired from us.  Furthermore no prior experience is needed to drive the sleds. Subsequently all drivers and passengers will receive the correct amount of dogs for their weights, we do not overload our sleds.


Fitness Level

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport. You must have a good fitness level. Helping our dogs will be sometimes be necessary.



Good clothing is essential, please click Here for all the information needed. Alternatively clothing can be hired from us. 


Additionally you are advise to take out your own personal insurance. Which includes the cancellation of a tour. In the event of bad weather. Above all it is our aim to insure guests with a positive experience. In short we are very particular with health & safety. As a final point we will insure you receive a high quality tour.

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Start time around 10am

Distance covered approximately in 2 days: 50km 

Minimum: 4 persons  

Finish time: Afternoon the next day. Exact time is weather dependable

Accommodation: Cabin or Mountain Lodge

Price per adult: 3900 Sek

Food: Basic Camping food or prepared food offered.