Sponsor a Husky

Sponsor A Husky is a great opportunity to sponsor your favourite dog. Regrettably our tours have stopped prematurely due to the pandemic. We are fully aware that the business will be hit hard in the future months. Eventually we hope all will resume to normal as soon as possible. Instead we are are now offering these great sponsor packages to all our.

Sponsoring A Husky is a way for you to still be involved with Wild Spirit during this time. With each of our unique packages, you get to track your dog’s progress throughout the year. The husky sponsorship comes with a certificate. Along with photos and a biography of the dog you have chosen to sponsor. Furthermore It comes with a guided Kennel Tour to physically meet your dog and get a picture with your dog.  Huskies in our kennel are all special and unique, their biography and updates will reflect this. You will get to know all about your sponsored dog, their likes and dislikes, personality and habits. Sponsor a Sleddog puppy packages specifically track their progress for the first year of their life. Documenting their puppy milestones, such as walking, weaning, free running, first run in harness and first tours is!

Please see some of the dogs available for sponsorship below:

If you met a dog on a tour who is not visible on this page please contact us directly.


Find a dog that you would like to sponsor please Click Here:

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Subsequently If you are a business then you can sponsor one of our dogs and you will receive a big THANK YOU shout out here on the website as well as on Facebook, and a business banner on the website.

Sponsor A Husky