Sponsor a Sled Dog

Sponsor A Sled Dog is a great opportunity to sponsor your favorite dog. 

Every dog in our kennel is special and unique. We have talkative dogs, cuddly dogs, shy dogs, high energy dogs, slightly aloof dogs who work really hard and dogs who like to show off. In a lot of ways, they’re just like people! 

Each dog sponsorship comes with a certificate, complete with a photo and biography of the sled dog that you have chosen to sponsor. You will get to know all about your dog, their likes, dislikes, personality and habits. It also comes with a guided kennel tour to meet and greet your dog and take cool selfies.

Dogs Available To Sponsor

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If you are a business then you can sponsor one of our dogs and you will receive a big THANK YOU shout out here on the website as well as on Facebook, and a business banner on the website.

Thank you sponsoring a Sled Dog with Wild Spirit! 

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Sponsor A Sled Dog