Swedish Sauna


After your Dog Sledding adventure why not relax, like never before at our Swedish Sauna. Situated only a few meters away from Ottsjo lake, in a very secluded area!

This particular sauna is rather famous to say the least. It was constructed as a Foresters work station. Subsequently renovated for the documentary ¨Escape To The Wild¨. Staring Kevin McCloud, who is well known for Grand Designs. Richard and Claire, who also starred in the ¨Escape To The Wild¨documentary along with three other british families, that relocated from the city to life off grid. The Documentary which was filmed by Optimum and Channel 4  because they lived for many years off grid without even running water or Electric. The Sauna was thereafter relocated, when the couple moved to Ottsjö, but that’s another story.

Adventurous guests have the opportunity to use the chest deep ice hole provided. We would definitely recommend going down into the ice hole, due to the fact, that the thought, is much worse than one might expect. The feeling afterwards is truly euphoric. Guests who have tried it comment thereafter, they experienced an energy, body boost days after. A wood fueled sauna offers a much healthier, natural heat and aroma, than electric ones. It is complete with a warm water cauldron, fueled by wood, if you so wish to have a hot rinse afterwards.


Sauna Rules

Our Sauna comfortably accommodates 4/5 persons. When Using the Ice Hole, the cover must be replaced after use and caution is advised for guests who have heart/health issues.

The Sauna must be left as you found it, or an invoice/faktura will be sent. 

 Alcohol is allowed, however, cleanliness & respect for others is essential and expected. 

Hire: 600 Sek
Hire and Pre Heated: 1500 Sek
After Clean: 600 Sek