Traveling by Plane:

We have found that Gatwick to Trondheim flights are the cheapest, normally on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Booking in advance is highly recommended as these are cheaper flights

You also have the choice of flying into Ostersund airport, which is nearer to us, but the flights are more expensive

Travelling by Train:

You need to arrive at Undersåker trainstation.  You can check these availabilities on

During the ski season, you can book a ski taxi, availabilities for these are not made available right now, as soon as they are we will put them on this website.

Travelling by car:

You are heading for Ottsjö, which is 30minutes drive from Åre, or 30 minutes drive from Järpen.

Please note: Some Google maps that are not updated will take you to our old location.  Please do not drive to Huså!