It has been a quiet January, which has given us time to fix equipment, and some of us have been or still are a little bit sick, but this will give us some time to become fit and healthy for the next few busy months.

During February, we will be running tours twice a day, these tours will be the quick “have a go tour!” or the “fika tour!”

The Have a go tour, is just what it says it is, a quick tour, for those of you who want quick go at dog sledding. The fika tour is slightly different as you will stay at the dog kennel a little bit longer, and get a coffee and a Swedish bullar afterwards.

Both of these trips will be taking you through the forests and onto the frozen lake, and they are suitable for all.

We at Wild Spirit Dog Sledding welcome you to our kennel, and we look forward in seeing you

//Claire Rees xx