We have 80 Sled Dogs all of which are pure bred Siberian and Alaskan Huskies. All of our dogs have a range of personalities from the extrovert to the introvert and others just down right crazy!



Organised Kennel Visit – 150Kr

Contact us if you want Visit our Kennel in Ottsjö.

You will get to meet, cuddle, work or feed our 80 huskies!

More Informations about our

These dogs are extremely intelligent, they are fun but can be boisterous.

In our opinion these dogs are born sled dogs and this is what they love doing best!

There is nothing better than the echoes of the dogs howling through the forest. 

The dogs have a great life, they have time off to relax through the summer before training starts in the autumn.

When the temperature starts to fall the dogs start to howl more frequently and become more active.

Especially when the first snow falls the dogs cannot contain themselves any longer, they need to run. 


Opening times are:  11:00 until 16:00

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