We have 54 Sled Dogs all of

which are pure bred Siberian Huskies, apart from 16 of our Alaskan huskies, all of our dogs have a range of personalities from the extrovert to the introvert and others just down right crazy! Some crave for love and others just want to be left alone…one thing for sure, they all love to run.


My wife and I are the top dogs in our pack we make sure that all our dogs know exactly what is expected from them, we are firm, consistent and loving. The bond we have with all our animals is strong, even though they test our patience frequently.


Many people are attracted to the Siberian Husky due to it being an attractive dog, however these dogs are extremely intelligent boisterous, destructive and relentless to say the least. In our opinion these dogs are born sled dogs and this is what they love doing best! There is nothing better than the screaming howling wolf like sounds echoing through the forest whilst the dogs are getting ready to run, at the off there is an immediate silence as they bulldoze through the snow.


The dogs have a great life, time off relaxing through the summer before training starts in the autumn, as the temperature starts to fall the dogs howl more frequently and become more active, especially when there´s a full moon. When the first snow falls the dogs cannot contain themselves any longer, they need to run, also their fur becomes much thicker ready for the cold Swedish temperature’s and because of all their autumn training they are fit and strong ready to take you on an adventure into the wilderness.

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