Welcome back to our Wild Spirit 2018/2019 season!  I am sorry that I have been rubbish at posting, but as with everything in general, life takes over!

As you see with our website, we are updating it, and we have had two wonderful volunteers staying with us during November who have developed the new website!  Now I have to keep it up, and hopefully learn about this wordpress (everyone says its easy).  

There is loads to update everyone on, but I will start with our new tours as I am sure these are more important to you 😉

We have new and cheaper tours starting from our dog kennel, these tours will last around 2 hour, and we have called them the “have a go tour” .  

My plan this year is to create a newsletter, so along with the blog we can also update you via a mail newsletter.  If you are interested in receiving these newsletters please subscribe on our home page.

Please email me or comment on any updates that you would like to hear about, and if there is anything that we can do better, we are happy to hear about them!

We hope to see you all soon during our winter season

Lots of Love

Claire and Richard

Claire and Richard x