Working with us!

Initially when you start working with us at Wild Spirit we train you ready for the dog sled tours.  We expect you to be fully on board and put in at least 40 hours of voluntary work.


We have two facebook pages and this is one for volunteers and one for the actual workers.  Any tours or voluntary work that we ask of you will be posted on this voluntary facebook page.

Once you have completed your voluntary hours we will then put you on the workers facebook page, and assign you to tours based on the hours that you have given us.

We aim to work with everyone to make their experience with us pleasurable, and as a business we aim to provide volunteers and staff with a good open working environment.  We expect everybody to be self efficient, but when problems arise we aim to help you to overcome them.

We are honest hardworking people who try and aim to do the very best for our business, dogs and staff.

As a person in our business, you must be aiming for the same goal as us, and that is to give the best experience to our customers, and work hard with our dogs to give them the best tourist dog sledding life they can have.

As a dog kennel, its is not only the kennels that need adhereing to, there is more to the tours than the dogs e.g picking up customers, preparing tour food, and picking up kit etc

Tasks that we expect you to carry out:

Working in the kennels, and maintaining the general hygiene

  1. Feeding the dogs
  2. Helping to set up tours
  3. On some instances you will be helping on tours
  4. Prepping food for humans and dogs
  5. Checking the kit for damages and fixing the kit
  6. Any other jobs that seem to fit in and around the business

Once you have completed your volunteer hours  and training you will then start helping with the tours.

We at Wild Spirit are conscious that you are here for the love of working with dogs, and at no point do we want to push you upon completing timed tasks.  Therefore we have designed a system that once you are trained you will be paid per task. e.g you will be paid for a half day tour, a full day tour, 2 day tour etc. You will be paid on a casual basis, and we expect you as an employee to submit your timesheets to us on time to be paid, this is your responsibility.

You will recieve these details on your induction meeting.

We expect you to take responsibility and iniative for your own jobs, and personal responsibilities.

We look forward in working with you in the future and welcoming you to Wild Spirit Dog Sledding and Bushcraft

Richard and Claire Rees

Our Previous Volunteers!