Bushcraft Introduction – 1 Day

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The Bushcraft Introduction Course:


The Basic Bushcraft course is suitable for adventurous beginners and those keen to master a wider range of survival skills.

Taught exclusively in an authentic forest and lakeside setting this course teaches skills essential for survival in the Arctic environment in this fun and engaging full day workshop.  On the course you will learn a wild range of fascinating forest skills, which is bound to enthuse and stimulate.

Time will be spent learning the different methods and skills needed to make fire, for example, what trees supply the best materials in order to be successful when learning to friction fire light. In depth information will be given on what tinder’s work better and where to find them in the forest environment. 

The course will be conducted in a forest environment, enabling students to resource needed materials enabling them to really feel what its like to harvest form the nature, giving a sense of connection to the forest. One to one tuition will be giving to students whilst on the course, due to the fact that many students have different abilities and work at different speeds. Wild Spirit Bushcraft thrive on people taking away with them a sense  of positive accomplishment. 





-Fire Preparation

-Essential Tinder Guide

-Fire Lighting (Fire by Friction)

-Wild Food

-Wild Medicines 

-Bread Making

-Shelter Building

-Advanced Cordage

Please note:

Lunch and Coffee included 

10am – 4pm 

Max instructor to client ratio of 8:1

Please note the Swedish climate can be unpredictable so we recommend that you come prepared for changes in the weather. Please see our website for our essential kit list, suitable clothing and footwear can be available to rent. 

Suitable for ages 12+ 



Bushcraft kit list  

Click Here

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Bushcraft Essentials



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