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Reindeer Skin Parka Course

The Legacy of Reindeer Skin Parkas
For centuries, arctic communities have relied on animal skins for their resilience against extreme winters. The Reindeer Skin Parka, a rare garment, is crafted by a select few, with its artistry gradually fading. Wild Spirit Bushcraft stands among the handful of companies preserving and offering this tradition to the public.

Traditional Craftsmanship and Sourcing
Exclusively fashioned from reindeer calf skins, sourced directly from Sami Reindeer herders in Jämtland, Sweden, these parkas indirectly support indigenous communities deeply entrenched in reindeer herding and hunting traditions.

A Garment of Utility and Craft
More than just attire, this parka is a shield against plummeting temperatures, ideal for arctic expeditions. Its surprising lightweight nature, weighing only around 2-3 kg, surpasses even the best offerings from Canada Goose.

Customization and Ordering Details
Wild Spirit Bushcraft offers made-to-order parkas, with basic versions starting from 18500 SEK and intricate designs reaching up to 100000 SEK. The ordering process involves a deposit, precise measurements, and various customization options.

Additional Information and Courses Offered
The company provides basic as well as intricately designed parkas, with size variations impacting prices due to the varying amount of skins required. They also offer specialized in-person courses led by Richard, an esteemed furrier and educator, focused on fur handling and traditional parka crafting.

Crafting Your Own Parka: Courses Details
The courses cover fundamental sewing techniques, traditional methods of fur clothing creation, and understanding reindeer skins and necessary materials. Wild Spirit Bushcraft extends an opportunity for participants to handcraft their parkas, even for those without prior sewing knowledge.

 Course Options and Online Offerings
The courses range from shorter introduction courses to comprehensive week-long programs. An online course is forthcoming, promising accessibility and availability of Reindeer Skin kits for purchase.


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Reindeer Skin Parka



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Cesar Martin
1 month ago

Could you tell me how to order your products ” parka reindeer ” online, thank you

1 month ago
Reply to  Cesar Martin


Regarding the reindeer skin parka’s please email me at

Kind Regards