Join us for an unforgettable expedition
packed with thrilling experiences!

Dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, saunas, and even the daring leap into a frozen lake. Activities and Experience brings you to our stunning Village, situatied in the Heart Of Sweden, with Breathtaking views, the best in Sweden we think!

Some Tours will begin higher up in Ottsjö village where the scenery is truly breathtaking. Before we set off, your guide will provide you with a short course on driving & you will also have an opportunity to meet all the dogs.

Prepare to shed your masks and embrace your true self in a safe haven free from judgment and opinions. We're here to empower you, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible. Through immersive activities, we'll create opportunities for you to thrive and let your authentic self shine.

We can also take it a step further by providing comprehensive 121 coaching sessions and workshops focused on your personal and professional growth. We are situated in Ottsjö, close to Åre in Sweden. You are very welcome!