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Bushcraft Kit List


A Bushcraft Kit List is essential whenever roaming around in the wilderness. However as you knowledge increases less equipment you need to carried. All the kit you need is all around you, all you need is the ability to harvest it. However as we set out on this journey of discovery, a bushcraft kit is advised, especially if your travelling the the far Northern hemisphere.

Firstly a knife, axe, shaping stone, rope, and some cooking utensils in a good start. Equally important consider a light weight quality tent or Hammock with a roof would be preferred. Thirdly sleeping bag and mosquito net is also a good choice among other things. Comparatively, in the modern world we are spoilt for choice regarding Bushcraft equipment. For this reason many people buy what they need before hand. That’s all well and good, but its important to realise, that in the unfortunate event that one would lose any of this equipment, a point easily and often overlooked by the weekend hiker or camper. In the event of this happening a reliance on your bushcraft skills would be needed to overcome the inconvenience directly. With this in mind we have give you a list below is a guide of what you might need. 



Equipment Hire


Rucksack + Water Proof Cover. 
Head torch + Batteries.
Knife + Cover.
Axe + Cover.
Strike Light.
Knife, fork, spoon, dish and cup.
Warm Clothes, (may not need all the clothing kit during summer courses, please use your own discretion.)
Thermal base layer, mid layer and good quality outer layer. The summertime can get chilling in the evenings, up to 30 degrees in the daytime, or you may experience rain.
Wets outer clothing.
Socks, hat, neck warmer, and gloves & good quality boots

Good Quality Sleeping Bag and Roll mat (or reindeer skin).
First Aid Kit including head ache tablets or any medication that you are on..(please inform us upon booking if you have any health issues).
For summertime, you will need mosquito repellent, and mosquito net (jacket or sleeping net) & suntan cream. 


Please note cotton clothing and jeans can be a dangerous material to wear. We ask you not to bring these items of clothing with you whilst you are on our courses.









Bushcraft Kit List