Drive Solo

with a team of Sled Dogs

This fantastic experience will give you the opportunity to drive solo with your own team of sled dogs. There is nothing quite like the noise and heart pumping excitement of the sled dogs. Driving you through the frozen landscape of ice and snow to places only accessible with dogs.

Before we set off, your guide will provide you with a course on how to drive the sled followed by a health and safety talk. Then your dogs will be hooked up to your sled, your anchor will be lifted and you will be off on your adventure. Your journey will take you through our mountainous landscape, and will be complete with fika (Swedish coffee and cake).

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Extra information
In general, no prior experience is needed to drive the sleds. All drivers and passengers will receive the correct amount of dogs for their weight. A balanced ratio will be applied so we do not overload our sleds.

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport, it is an advantage to have a good fitness level. For instance, our dogs may need your assistance to get up hills.

Good clothing and equipment is absolutely essential to making to most of your tour – especially in the mountains where the weather changes quickly. Please carefully read our Tour Kit List before your visit.

We are very particular about health and safety. Our aim is to provide you with a high quality tour, thus leaving you with a positive experience.

We do advise you to take out your own personal insurance which should include a cancellation policy, in case the weather does cause a problem. Subsequently, if you wear expensive clothing or bring expensive equipment, we advise you to take out a policy which will cover any accidental damage or loss.

Tour location: Ottsjö, please meet us at The Kennel Ottsjö 30 minutes before the start of your tour
Minimum people: 2 max 5 

Solo sled per person 2000 kr per person

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Drive Solo