The Nomadic Bushman Course

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 The Nomadic Bushman Course offers advanced techniques, for those who are going on expeditions, or wanting to be a wilderness guide. The Nomadic Bushman Course encompasess fascinating skills and techniques, which will leave you with an ability to live comfortably off the land. The skills taught on this course are essential for living off grid for long periods of time, in Sweden’s northern wilderness regions.




We will teach you four main priority principles such as, Fire, Shelter, Water, Food. Furthermore more time maybe spent on specific topics, going into more depth on subjects. Enough time will be given to complete the tasks, enabling you to work in a relaxed atmosphere.The Nomadic Bushman Course will be conducted in a remote village of Ottsjö, in the north of Jämtland Sweden near Åre.

In contrast to the UK, Sweden is a perfect environment with a real difference. Sweden’s pristean aborail forests have so much to offer. To illustrate Sweden is 78% covered in Forest, with the same latitude as Alaska. Due to this the climate and weather, is subsequently colder and more extreme. Thus giving you the real taste of wild untouched and untamed wilderness to. In conclusion this The Nomadic Bushman Course will delve deep on a wide range of topics, advancing your knowledge into world Bushcraft. Alternatively Wild Spirit Bushcraft operates in the UK as well as Sweden Please Click Here for more information on courses in the UK.

Clothing guide

As mentioned earlier Sweden climate can be unpredictable. So wearing suitable clothing is very important. If we deemed your clothing to be unsuitable you will be recommended that you hire clothing from us. Nevertheless If you are unable to bring any Clothing or Bushcraft tools/ Kit. Please speak to us, as some of the kit we can loan or hire. Click here for more information.

What You Will Learn

The list below is what we aim to teach you during the course.However all students have different abilities. So then we will give one to one tuition where possible, enabling slower students to complete the skills or tasks. As a result all in attendance will feel a sense of achievement.

Courses Details: 

  • Bushcraft tools & maintenance
  • Manufacture of snowshoes
  • Make a fire with hand drill, including preparation
  • Fire from a bow drill,
  • Flint and steel
  • Making fire from fungi
  • Season shelter build
  • Water Collecting Techniques
  • Traps Techniques
  • Trees identification advanced
  • Plant recognition, advanced
  • Cordage
  • Navigating with the stars
  • Wild Food
  • Wilderness Medicines
  • Resin extraction of glue and tar


Duration: 7 days

Location: Ottsjö

Price 7 day 7500 kr per person 

Price 14 day: 15000 kr per person.

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