Hire Equipment

Hire Equipment

Good equipment is absolutely essential to making the most of your dog sledding tour, luckily you can hire most items from Wild Spirit.

The key to staying warm is layering:
– Base layer – long thermal underwear to soak up sweat while keeping you warm
– Mid layer – your insulating layer which will retain your body heat
– Outer layer – your shell which will shield you from wind and snow
– Woollen socks, hat and neck warmer
– Insulated gloves
– Good quality insulated boots made out of waterproof materials
– Goggles or sunglasses

Find the price list below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Per day

Per extra day

Thermal underwear 140kr 40kr
Winter trousers 265kr day 1, 365kr day 2 65kr
Winter mid Layer 140kr 40kr
Jacket 265kr day 1, 365kr day 2 65kr
Boots and one pair of socks 265kr 65kr
Extra socks 65kr 25kr
Gloves 115kr 40kr
Hats 65kr 25kr
Down sleeping bag and liner 415kr 65kr
Head torch 115kr 40kr
Clothing package price 1265kr 215kr
Overnight package    
Down sleeping bag, liner and mattress 615kr 115kr

Please note that we add a 400kr administration charge to every order.

For more information on what to wear on single day dog sledding tours, please consult our tour kit list or watch this video.

If you have booked an overnight tour, your kit list will be longer but we will also have to take weight into consideration as this will increase the work load for the dogs. Some essential items will have to be doubled in case you lose them.

Besides equipment we do recommend that you take out your own personal insurance which should include a cancellation policy, in case the weather causes a problem. Subsequently, if you wear expensive clothing or bring expensive equipment, we advise you to take out a policy which will cover any accidental damage or loss.


Hire Equipment