Photo Gallery

Photo  Gallery


Welcome to Wild Spirit Sleddog Photo Gallery, here your able to see some of the images of what we offer our guests. The Images below are taken on location whilst out on a tour or at the kennel. On all Wild Spirit Sleddog Tours, we always stop for our guests to take photos. Furthermore we stop at different wilderness locations whilst travelling with the sleddogs. In addition the guides will try to pick the best scenic backdrops. Additionally we will anchor the dog teams down into the snow safely. The Guides will then use your phone camera free of charge to take group or family photos. Making sure you take back a memory from your adventure. All we ask in return is that you leave a positive review on TripAdvisor and #wildspiritsleddogs on your facebook or Instagram.  

Sweden and particularly the area of Åre has some of the best scenery and wilderness to offer. Throughout the whole of the country, it’s mountains, rivers and lakes are incredibly beautiful and really gives you the feeling of being in the frozen wild. The sort of area springs to mind when one mentions Canada and Alaska. The beauty of the area of Ottsjö, where we take our tours, is just as breathtaking. Many people come to this area from all over Sweden just to experience its scenery. Many noting how each day the mountains across the lake of Ottsjön look different, giving you a new way to appreciate this marvellous landscape everyday. 

Photo Gallery

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