Guided  Husky  Hire  Tour


Our Guided Husky Hire Tour gives people who don’t have a Husky or pulling dog.We off a great opportunity to hire one of our dogs and Guide. Skiing/Skijoring With A Husky is so much fun. Enjoy the unique experience of skiing with one of our Husky ! Our guide, Annie is available so you so you can explore our beautiful wilderness are of Ottsjö.




Skijoring, which translates to ski driving in Norwegian, is a combination of cross country skiing and dog sledding. The dog is outfitted with a dog sledding harness. Which is attached by rope or towline to a skijoring harness worn by the human. While the human powers him or herself using skis and poles, the dog also pulls the human. This activity can be done with one dog or a team of dogs. As long as your dog weighs at least 35 pounds and has the energy. Stamina and willingness to take part, is all you will need is some basic training to get started.

And you don’t have to be an expert skier to skijor. And your dog doesn’t have to be a Northern breed dog like a Husky or Malamute. She doesn’t even have to be a big dog. Because you will be providing some of the power of momentum. Your dog just needs to be healthy, full of energy, and motivated to run for the simple joy of running. As with any sport or high energy activity, you should take your dog for a health check before beginning a new sport or routine.

Which Dogs are Best for Skijoring?

The breeds that do tend to be seen participating in this sport in greater numbers are the Northern breeds. Those with heavy hair coats like Canadian Eskimos, HuskiesMalamutesSamoyeds and Chows. But other breeds are well suited for this sport as well.


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Guided Husky Hire Tour