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Our Media And Newsletter. Machete in hand, Kevin McCloud is sweating buckets as he hacks his way through dense tropical rain forest. No, it’s not his wildest Grand Design yet, or a new series of I’m A Celebrity. But the presenter’s latest show in which he embarks on an adventure tracking down intrepid British families. Who’ve taken their dreams of escaping the rat race to the most extreme lengths.

It’s a long way from Kevin’s usual territory. Instead of watching on rather smugly as ambitious couples struggle to build their dream homes while keeping their fraying tempers from ruining their marriages. In Kevin McCloud’s Escape To The Wild he travels to some of the most remote places on earth to meet people who’ve left their humdrum lives behind for something far more exotic. 

He finds them living in the Central American rain forest, on the side of a volcano in Patagonia, on a Tongan island in the middle of the South Pacific and in one of the remotest places in sub-Arctic Sweden – and then mucks in to experience life as they do.

Wild Spirit TV Documentary

with Kevin McCloud





‘Escape To The Wild’ Documentry with “Kevin McCloud” Alongside Wild Spirit Sleddogs & Bushcraft 





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