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Bushcraft Sweden? You may ask. Well Sweden is a unique country, which lays within the Arctic circle, with 78% of It it, covered in arboreal forests. With only a population of 10 million, makes it a prime location. One of the Reasons why so many people are drawn to this area’s of untamed wildernesses. 

Wild Spirit Bushcraft have 30 years experience in this field. We are based in the UK and here in the northern Scandinavia. We offer a wide range of skills with knowledgeable Bushcraft instructors, well educated in this type of climate. Using natural resources to teach, primitive fire lighting, hunting & trapping & wild medicines, wild Food, birch bark basketry, and the making of reindeer skin clothing to combat the extreme winters.

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As mentioned Wild Spirit are well known for the Clothing made From Reindeer skins, which is sold mostly to indiginous First nation & Inuit of Alaska & Greenland. He is one of a handfull of furriers that still practice this craft. Wild Spirit have even collected wild food for one of Sweden’s top restaurants Fäviken run by Magnus Nilsson seen on netflix (chiefs Table)  And The Escape To The Wild Documentry with Kevin McCloud

We run a wide range of courses from beginner to the more extreme side of survival. Feel free to look at the other courses we offer, to give you more of a idea, of the levels of Bushcraft available.

There many course options form beginners course is suitable for people with little or no experience. It covers basic and essential skills for survival in the forest. We will teach you how to make a fire, protection, and to find water and food. The Course will be conducted in a remote location, in the north of Jämtland Sweden. 











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