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Travelling To Us. With only 10 million inhabitants Sweden is a fairly underpopulated country. Subsequently towns and cities are rather far apart. Therefore finding a location with the best scenic views, deep in the wilderness. Near to an airport, train station, with skiing and adventure activities is a challenge to say the least. However there is such a place. And that makes Ottsjö uniquely special.

By Plane

Also by plane is fairly straightforward. Trondheim airport is two hours away from our location. We have found that the cheapest flight are form London Gatwick to Trondheim. The most cheapest and economical times to fly is normally on a Wednesday or Thursday, Its also highly recommended to book in advance. Whereas Östersund airport however is only one hour away. Although flights are more expensive there. Flights from Gatwick to Östersund are unfortunately only available in winter time. 

Travelling by Train 

Thirdly by train is equally straightforward also. Undersåker train station is the nearest station to Ottsjö,  being only 15 minuets drive away, thus making it very convenient in deed. Åre being Scandinavia’s biggest ski resort is only 35 minutes drive away. Therefore making the Ottsjö and ÅRE very attractive too tourists from all around the world.

Pick Upp’s 

Furthermore pick ups can be arranged in advance with us at a fraction of the cost, compared to a taxi service for example.

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Travelling by car:

It’s Important to realise, roads are covered in snow and ice in the winter time. Even though the main roads are ploughed, some roads are not. With this in mind, questions need to be asked when hiring a car. Therefore please ask if the car has spikes on the winter tires. Consequently some hire company’s in Norway do not have these important spiked winter tyres. Ottsjö village is located thirty minutes drive from Åre. And thirty minutes drive from Järpen. 

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Location  & Exact Coordinates

Click here 63.216219, 13.074833  Unless notified differently

Please note: Please do not drive to Huså! 



Travelling To Us