Wild  Food  Foraging  And  Identification

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The forest floor to the forager is supermarket of opportunity. To our ancestors the option of going to the shop did not exist, relying on their extensive knowledge on wild food would have been lifesaving.

In our modern society, we just buy it from our nearest shop. Bought out of our hard earned cash, on a weekly basis. However mankind’s pattern of consumerism has had a negative affect, on us and the planet. How?

The knowledge on how to shop in the forest supermarket is being eroded or even lost forever. Wild Spirit Bushcraft and many other Bushcraft schools promote these wonderful informative courses on wild food and medicines. 

¨ To just go pick what you need, is a satisfying feeling. knowledge weighs nothing.¨



Wild Food / Tree / Medicine Courses


  The courses will take you out in the forests where you will learn how to identify edible wild food. Equally important are the poisonous species. For this reason time will be spent discussing whatever plants, mushrooms and medicines we find. Whichever season you attend, there is always much to find. However Spring, Summer and Autumn are more productive. Applicants are encouraged to take notes, due to the amount of information given.

We will meet in the village of Ottsjö village, where we will begin with a brief introduction on what the day will consist of. Soon after that we will head off into the field. On our return we will make a fire and stop for lunch. Here we have a great the opportunity to cook up, the things we’ve collected. 

There are 4 main courses to choose from:

  • Forest Plants/ Identification & Uses
  • Tree / Identification & Uses
  • Fungi / Identification & Uses
  • Wild Medicines

Course Location

Ottsjö Sweden

Price: 2000 kr per person

Duration: 10am – 4 pm

For the course to take place there must be a minimum of 2 people on the course.

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Wild Food & Medicine