Call Of The Wild Bushcraft Experience



Call of the Wild Bushcraft Experience course takes you deeper into the world of bushcraft. Essentials skills required to live and thrive in the forest environment. Following on from a day of essential Bushcraft skills, the Call Of The Wild Course takes a more detailed approach. Teaching you advanced techniques with a hands-on practical attitude during the workshop. Leaving you with a greater knowledge on wilderness survival. During the course time will be spent on each subject, allowing students to adjust to the task. One to one tuition is available during the course, no matter on the size, our instructors have a hand on attitude and are happy to accommodate.

The Call Of The Wild Bushcraft Experience covers more information into the world of Bushcraft. During this course you and your family will start to look at the nature in a different way, more as a super market resource instead.   This is where it becomes a personal journey, `Whenever you walk the forest your eyes will gaze downward, for there you have been and there you long to return´

Please note the Swedish climate can be unpredictable so we recommend that you come prepared.  In the event that the weather changes, please see our website for our essential kit list, suitable clothing and footwear can be available to rent. 



Itinerary of topics covered over 2 days :


  • Fire Preparation.
  • Essential Tinder Guide.
  • Fire Lighting (Fire by Friction, Flint and Steel)
  • Making Adjustable Natural Fire Tripods.
  • Wild Food and Foraging.
  • Wild Medicines.
  • Bread Making.
  • Shelter Building.
  • Advanced Cordage
  • Water Sourcing.
  • Trapping techniques 


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Extra Information

Lunch included on both days

10am – 4pm 

Suitable for ages 12+ 

Price: 2800kr per person or 3250kr per person with, accomodation  

To see our availability for 2020 or contact us directly at



Call Of The Wild Experience