Reindeer Skin Parkas

Reindeer Skin Parka Course


Join Our Caribou Skin Clothing introduction Course level 1

Starting on September 6th, we are excited to offer a course on Caribou skin clothing introduction. This introduction will guide you through working with reindeer hides, leading to the creation of a final parka. Additionally, this course serves as a basic introduction to indigenous knowledge on Caribou hides, honoring traditional methods and practices.  

What You Will Learn Learn Basic Techniques

First, you will discover the fundamentals of Caribou skin clothing and the materials used. You will also explore the historical and cultural significance of Caribou skin garments.

Build Skills Gradually Next, you will progress through carefully designed modules to develop your skills step by step. You will begin with simple projects like small reindeer hide items to build confidence and foundational skills.

Master Sewing Techniques After that, you will enhance your sewing skills with expert guidance. You will practice traditional stitching methods used by Arctic communities. Starting with small projects like mittens or pouches, you will master techniques before moving on to larger items.

Create Functional Items In addition, you will craft practical items from reindeer hide to understand basic concepts. You will make gloves, hats, or small bags to gain hands-on experience with reindeer hides.

Craft a Final Parka Finally if you qualify, you will apply your skills to create a beautiful and functional Caribou skin parka. You will learn the intricacies of making a high-quality garment that is both durable and warm. You will receive step-by-step instructions and personalized feedback to ensure your parka meets high standards of craftsmanship.

Course Details:

  • Price per person: 4795 kr
  • Accommodation Enquiries: Contact us for information.
  • Course Location: Ottsjö, Jämtland, Undersåker
  • Travel Information:
    • Nearest Airport: Trondheim (2 hours from Ottsjö)
    • Nearest Train Station: Undersåker
    • Local Amenities: Ottsjö village includes a shop and petrol station.

Additional Course Highlights

Material Sourcing and Preparation You will learn where and how to source high-quality reindeer hides and the preparation process.  


  Click here for more information on purchasing a parka separately from the course.