Wild Spirit Skyttens Dog Food


Skyttens Special is 100% Healthy and Gluten Free! 

Original fatty acids is added to the dog food, that give your dog a healthy and delicious coat.

It is packed with the most important Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids that give your dog a shiny coat whilst preventing a dry coat.  

Never give vitamins and minerals supplement, the contents of Skyttens cover the dogs full needs.

Keep your Skyttens dog food in a cool dry place.  Serve it blended with luke warm water or dry.

Contains:  Chicken, Meat, Deep sea fish, Animal fat, Vegetable oil, Blood Flour, Wheat, Corn gluten, Vegetables, Plant fibers, Wheat bran, Sugar, Minerals and Vitamins

Price list: 


Arktis: 34/30  490kr

Superdog: 30/30  420kr

Socla (ideal for puppies and nursing mothers): 470kr

10st plus

Arktis: 440kr

Superdog: 400kr

Socla: 450kr

Prices per pallet: Please call for prices

Contact: Claire Rees


Tel:  0046 (0) 721 64 80 39