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Our  Dogs 



Common Questions about Our Dogs:


Do all the dog have names?

Yes! All of them have their own name, often a litter of pups is named after a theme, for example Rudolph, Blitzen, Prancer, Donnar, Dasher and Comet! 

Do you know all their personalities?

 Yes we do, they all have very individual looks and personalities, so we can tell them all apart. 

What breed of dog do you have?

We have both Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies. 

What’s the difference between Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies? 

Comparatively the Siberian Huskies are generally calmer then the Alaskan Husky, and often have thicker fur, smaller well protected feet, and eat less. However their pulling power is less focused, but this can differ from dog to dog depending on their lines. Alaskan Huskies on the other hand can have a shorter fur, thus giving them less protection, and less fur around the feet, subsequently they sometimes need boots for foot protection. Alaskan Huskies give 110% pulling power, for this reason they eat more than their Siberian counterparts. As a result of this Siberian notably hold they weight.  

Are all the dogs friendly?

All of them are safe to interact with, however, just like people they can have very different personalities. Some dogs are very extroverted, confident and outgoing, where others can be more introverted, quiet and reserved. 

What do you feed your dogs?

The dogs are fed a very high energy mix of soaked kibble, which consists of summer food (30% fat – 30% protein), and winter food (34% fat – 30% protein) and before they run they receive a high protein meaty soup to keep them hydrated and energised on tour. On longer tours they will receive a meatball snack for extra energy. 

Do all the dogs run every day?

They are all treated like top level athletes, and receive a high level of care. They have extensive preseason training to ensure they are in peak condition for the winter season. This enables them to enjoy doing what they love best. To allow them to enjoy the full season we ensure our dogs are run on rotation, allowing them to have regular rest days.

How long do the dogs run for?

They run between 15km and 30km per tour, and sometimes will run twice a day.  

Why do they want to run?

For many years these dogs have been bred to run long distances, as they were used for transportation of people and goods, hauling wood and delivering post, and perhaps most famously for delivering medicine to Nome Alaska. Running and pulling is in their blood, they love it and thrive on it, and our dogs always let us know how excited they are to go for a run! 

What do the dogs do in the summer?

At Wild Spirit we are proud to have a fully enclosed forest play park for our dogs to enjoy free running throughout the summer.

Do the dogs live outside?

 The dogs live outside all year round, our kennel. It has been designed with our dogs best interests in mind, and considerably exceeds the Swedish legal standard. All our dog kennel has a roof for protection from the elements & insulated straw filled boxes.  

Extra FAQ’s

Do the dogs get cold?  Siberian huskies have a thick double coat which they use to regulate their temperature. It keeps them warm in the winter, even down to -30°C and helps keep them cool in the summer. They also have thick furred ears and fur between the pads of their paws to protect their extremities from the cold. Alaskan Huskies on the other hand sometimes need extra care. So we have special coats to protect them from the more extreme elements. Alaskan Huskies feet are not so well protected from more abrasive snow conditions, so boots are necessary addition to their care.    

What age do they retire?  

The age at which we retire our dogs varies. We keep a close eye on our dogs performance through its life and recognise any changes that might show us that it is time for a dog to retire.  All of the dogs will spend their retirement at our kennel, unless a suitable home is found for them. They run free in our play park during the day. If you are interested in re-homing a retired sled dog. Please Click Here  

Who’s your favourite?

Too many to mention! 

How do you keep all your dogs safe on the trail?

All of our equipment is specially chosen to keep the dogs as safe as possible on the trail and regularly checked. For example we use plastic neckline clips, as opposed to the metal ones, which are designed to break if the the dog gets into difficulty. Also all of our gang lines are fitted with a specially designed expander’s to minimise the stresses and breaking strains on the lines and the dogs.    




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Our Dogs