Forest & Lake Tour

Forest & Lake Tour

Our exciting Forest & Lake tour is a shorter tour, which takes us down from the kennel through a snowy labyrinth of trails, eventually exiting onto the beautiful Ottsjö Lake. 

Before we begin, you will have a chance to greet our friendly huskies, whereafter we will give you a short course on dog sledding and a health and safety briefing before leaving the kennel. On this adventure tour, we will stop for you to take some fantastic landscape photos with the dogs. We are also happy to help you with this if you wish.

Forest And Lake Tour
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Extra information 
In general, no prior experience is needed to drive the sleds. All drivers and passengers will receive the correct amount of dogs for their weight. A balanced ratio will be applied so we do not overload our sleds.

Due to the fact that dog sledding is an active sport, it is an advantage to have a good fitness level. For instance, our dogs may need your assistance to get up hills. However, this tour in particular is 90% flat.

We are very particular about health and safety. Our aim is to provide you with a high quality tour, thus leaving you with a positive experience.

We do advise you to take out your own personal insurance which should include a cancellation policy, in case the weather does cause a problem. Subsequently, if you wear expensive clothing or bring expensive equipment, we advise you to take out a policy which will cover any accidental damage or loss.

Tour location: Ottsjö kennel

Distance: 16 km

Forest & Lake Tour
Minimum: 4 people                             
Approximate time: 2 hours

Forest & Lake Tour with Fika (Swedish coffee and cake)
Minimum: 4 people
Approximate time: 2.5 hours

Forest & Lake Tour with Lunch
Minimum: 4 people
Approximate time: 3 hours

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