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Firstly it would be our Dog Sledding Tours location. Ottsjö is famous for its scenic views. Its surrounded by a Wild landscape of open Wilderness. Ottsjö attracts tourists from all over the world. The village is elevated at 650m with 360° panoramic views with the boarder mountains of Norway which are easily seen in the distance. 

Secondly We are located 30 mins away from the ski town of Åre. Åre is the biggest ski resort in Scandinavia which held the 2019 Ski world championships. Here there are plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy many other winter activities. 

Thirdly we are located 1 hr away from Östersund airport, 2 hrs away from Norway’s Trondheim airport. As Well as easy access to the train station in Åre, Undersåker, Duved, just minutes down the road.





Finally our reputation as a dog sledding company, is very well known for being of a high standard. We take very good care of our dogs, our kennel is well kept, neat & organised. We also have a good respectability with the way we run our tours, we do not overload our sleds. As a rough guide, 2 people around 65 kg & 85kg will need around 7 dogs, family of four, will need 8 to 9 dogs, depending on weather conditions. As a safety precaution, with large groups of guests, extreme cold, and poor weather conditions, we will use a snow scooter to assist cold children and our older guests. 

Subsequently Richard and Claire starred in the documentary ¨Escape To The Wild¨ with Kevin McCloud, they have made many commercials including Visit Sweden & AirBnB. Because the business is often in the limelight, their kennel and tours have to be of a high standard.


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