Castaway   Course 

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The Castaway Course encompasses many fascinating skills. Which will leave you the ability and confidence to live off grid for long periods of time. In the event that we ever needed these skills to survive from the land. Therefore building your confidence, that living alongside nature is nothing to fear. Provided that we respect its power and unpredictability. The Course style is based on Stone age and primitive techniques. 

¨Even though we all harbour a deep desire to escape, but literally doing it is another story. In reality, without the correct knowledge life of grid is difficult!¨


Course Structure

Firstly Applicants will take a 5-7 day Advanced Bushcraft Tuition .

On successfully completed tasks. You will be taken by boat to a remote location and dropped off! All your skills learned will be put to the test.

Equipment allowed, Axe, Knife, Rope and basic Fishing Equipment.

Course Location:

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Safety Information

The location maybe inhabited with wild animals. With this in mind, respect for their presents is necessary. 

With this in mind a health & safety briefing will be conducted.

Optional choice of being monitored.

Who is this course suitable for?

No prior knowledge needed.

Due to the nature of this course, a good level of health and fitness is essential.

Minimum age 18 Years /unless accompanied by adult.

This course is only suitable for those hardened few.

Clothing On Your Exclusive Tour.

Good clothing is essential, please click Here for all the information needed. 


Furthermore you are advise to take out your own personal insurance. Which should include a cancellation policy. Above all our aim is to insure a high quality of professionalism. Thus leaving you with a positive experience. 

Castaway Course available from April to October.

Price : 12 day 15,000 kr per person

Price : 14 day 20,000 kr per person


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