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When should you contact us?

Our humble village relies on tourism year-round. We do our utmost to contact our customers back as soon as we can. For this reason, we have many returning guests returning year after year. In the event that we take longer than expected to answer, please send us an (another) email or give us a call.

The winter season can be quite busy. The best time to contact us is early morning or evening. However, we usually have someone in the office throughout the day. Therefore it should not be an issue when contacting us during day times.

Social accounts

Wild Spirit Sleddogs & Bushcraft Survival can be found on Facebook and Instagram. We keep our social media accounts up to date, keeping customers and guests informed on what’s occurring. It is possible to contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Our staff & business

Our staff is ready to help and assist you with questions or bookings. Please do not hesitate in asking them any questions. They will do their best in fixing or finding out any information you need to know. Most of our staff work at the Sleddog kennel or can be located at Ottsjö Fjäll Hotel.

Our business is very well known throughout Sweden and UK, in the light of the television documentary ¨ Escape To The Wild¨ with Kevin McCloud. We have also done many commercials over the years, more recently the advert for  Airbnb Visit Sweden.  


Contact Us


Wild Spirit Dog Sledding Tours & Bushcraft courses


Contact Us: Sweden Tel: 0046 (0)72164 8039
UK tel: 0044 (0)7905 466884
Email us:
Head office Address:
Ottarvägen 13B, Ottsjö, Undersåker 83010


(Please note that wintertime is an extremely busy time for us. Please re-email us if you do not receive an answer within 24 hours)

Travelling to us 

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Dog Sledding Sweden

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